Jacky Ambroise


 One day of April 1996, Jacky Ambroise and Philippe Augustin, two guitar players, decided to put their talent together to create a new type of music. The initiative came from Jacky and very soon, they found what they called “Flamenco Tropical” and founded a band named “Strings”. Simply put, Flamenco Tropical is a combination of Spanish guitar flavor and Haitian rhythms. This kind of cultural mix led Jacky to the composition of the famous tube “Metamorphosis” followed by many others recorded on no less than 7 albums. Haitian traditional music was given a new type and over the years, Strings imposed itself not only as an original band but also as one that would appeal to all kind of listeners from all over the world. Strings music is executed by eight great performers be it guitar players or percussionists.  

        One comment made by Ticket Magazine, would illustrate the kind of effect Strings makes when it performs: “Strings entered hearts and settled comfortably. Since the love at first sight engendered by "Metamorphosis", a song released in prelude to the first album signed in 1997, the group has become a great love, a soul mate, a companion, an accomplice for the needs of escape. Strings is the kind of band that does without a playlist for their concerts. All the songs are sublime, they each have a magic that apprehends the audience. Each of the titles offered is a kind of aperitif; we expect the next with a light heart, we become greedy for consumption”. 
Nothing would better describe what we are except seeing us on stage or just getting our music.


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