Jacky Ambroise


Jacky Ambroise was born to play the acoustic guitar, his critics will no doubt attest to it. His dexterity in his flamenco playing style epitomizes his unique sound, which is recognizable in any orientation he chooses to engage.

Born in Port-Au-Prince on February 8th, 1959, he was introduced to music at a very early age by his father Jean-Jacques D. Ambroise, who played the classical flute.

At the age of 6 he lost both parents. Jacky became a self taught acoustic guitar player at the age of 8, because of his love and attraction for classical Spanish music. Ten years later, he was already a local star by playing in college events and gatherings. Always reinventing himself, Jacky persisted to improve his style and participated in many ensembles and recordings playing the popular music of his country. His maturity in music brought a new vision to his melodic trend establishing a respected style, in a country that traditionally perceives changes with apprehension and considers it to be a peril.

Jacky's vision and versatility helped him explore other musical tendencies while never forgetting where he came from. He was inspired by many; in particular by Paco de Lucia an accomplished flamenco guitar player. In 1996, still fascinated and influenced by the flamenco music, he had the genius idea to mix it with the traditional troubadour rhythm of his country creating what he loves to call Tropical Flamenco. From there, Jacky founded the group Strings by collaborating with another guitar player and friend Philippe Augustin. Strings quickly became a house hold name at home and in various international festivals. Jacky and Ambroise and his group Strings released their first CD Tropical Mood, which became an instant hit and simultaneously launched their international tour.

After an eleven year career, once again Jacky & Strings released their 5th Album “New Era”, a refreshing sound that promises to have fans around the world singing to the strings.


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